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  • What materials will you need the school to provide for your presentation?
    LCD Projector, screen for PowerPoint presentations, school laptop, good PA system with mic (wireless handheld), table for props.
  • For what grade levels are your presentations appropriate?
    Since I write picture books and chapter books, my presentations are appropriate for grades K-5.
  • How many presentations do you do in a day?
    I do a maximum of 6 presentations per day. The length depends on the age level of the audience. My presentations run between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • What grades should be grouped together?
    K-1, 2-3, 4-5
  • Do you do autographing?
    Yes. I am happy to autograph and personalize books. Ideally, books should be pre-sold and organized by class with post-it notes affixed to the cover with the name (first name only) of the person for whom it is being autographed.
  • Do you bring your books with you?
    I can, but I prefer books to be pre-ordered from your local book store, Follett Library, Ingram, or my publisher, Dancing Lemur Press. If students order directly from me, I have a school order form that can be used. I would appreciate knowing two weeks before my visit what the orders will be. Otherwise, I'll be hauling a lot of books! A spreadsheet with orders per classroom can be sent to me via email prior to the event.
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